Osteopathy was first developed in the 1870’s by American physician and surgeon Dr Andrew Taylor Still, who developed a treatment modality using biomechanical principles, to restore the body’s natural capacity for self-healing.

Osteopaths use a range of manual therapy approaches, including passive stretching, mobilizing and manipulation of joints, and various slow release techniques such as muscle energy and myofascial release. They will also advise on lifestyle changes including stress reduction, exercise and safe lifting techniques, to reduce the risk of further injury.

Osteopathy can be helpful for all ages, including children and the elderly, and can assist in alleviating a range of musculo-skeletal conditions. As with all forms of healthcare, there are risks as well as benefits and some patients may experience adverse reactions to treatment.


STRESS: prolonged stress can cause tension in your neck, shoulders, diaphragm and lower back, leading to headaches and fatigue as well as affecting your ability to relax and enjoy life. Osteopathy can help relieve the musculoskeletal effects of stress, helping with posture, as well as chest and joint mobility.

PREGNANCY: when you are pregnant, your back and weight-bearing joints have to accommodate the effects of both the increase in load, and the resulting forward pull of the enlarging uterus. Osteopathy can help make your pregnancy more comfortable by treating the effects of old and current strains on the pelvis and spine, and can address the effects of awkward feeding positions, and carrying heavy baby equipment after the birth.

CHILDHOOD: children of all ages can accumulate strains in the body from falls and impacts and these may be helped by gentle osteopathic intervention.

GARDENING:  this can cause considerable muscle soreness and strain, particularly if you are not taking regular exercise and keeping your muscles and joints in a healthy state.

HEADACHES: there are obviously many factors causing headaches, but common musculoskeletal ones include muscle tension and postural strain through the neck and shoulders associated with stress, prolonged computer work or whiplash following car accidents. Osteopathy can usually address these and help to alleviate the pain.

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